Tuesday, September 12, 2006

101 Tantric Sex Positions

Then Sean got down between her legs and pressed his face into her pussy, and her hips jerked with electric shock as his tongue swiped a long lick between her folds.

"I'm disappointed our little neighbor hasn't shown you her breasts. They are quite cute. Mike the Mummy can attest to that. Show him your breasts honey."

He quickly apologized again for coming so soon as he told me I was just too much. I comforted him stating it was ok, as it was still enjoyable.

Jamie looked up at his Aunt Sally, a wicked smile on her face. He did not know what to make of it…but he did it anyway. Sally spread her legs, and Jamie moved his face close. He pressed his lips against her shiny pantyhose, and began to lick.

I will not deny that when I first saw Brian I was instantly attracted to him. He was tall, well built with light brown hair, which he wore a little long, but still fashionable. What really got to me were his eyes. They were so brown that they were almost black and when he looked at me that first time, I felt that if I gazed into his eyes for too long, I would drown. Every time Brian came to the club he brought a single red rose, and at the end of the evening he would lay it on the stage at my feet, along with a card, which gave his phone number and address. The message was very clear. He was making the offer; all I had to do was give in. Little did I know, I was about to do just that.

Here I was confronted by an alarming array of straps, buckles and chains.

"Show me what they saw," Lynn demanded, obviously wanting to escalate things, not drop them.

"Yes Tim, yes," pleaded Sue, "kiss my clit, suck my pussy, fuck me with your tongue."

The elevator doors opened, and Kithan moved inside slowly, he hit the button with his elbow for the 4th floor, and leaned his side against the right wall of the elevator, his eyes watching the floor number tick down.

The light from Amanda's bedroom cascaded out onto the dark hallway carpet through her partially opened door.

"Of course yer head hurts girl. That shine'll get you ever time if'n you ain't used to it. What's yer name anyway little bit?"

Closing my eyes I fell into the eroticism. Mel, the outdoors, sensually being stimulated we were in no hurry. We had the time, desires, and the need for one another.

Robert could hardly remember a time when his fantasies didn’t include his mother. It had been her smile that did it to him. Not that there was anything wrong with her body, it was just that before his eyes wandered across her breasts and belly and legs, they always focused first on her mouth. As soon as he became aware of his sexuality, her smile had done something to him. Of course at that age he wasn’t consciously aware of it, but at some level, when she looked at him, and her full lips widened, he was ignited.

Paige gave him one of her silly, sexy, come hither smiles as she and Michelle left the room, hand in hand, headed for the bathroom. He heard the water start running, then more giggling. For a while all was quiet and he wondered what in the world they could be doing, but a little later, he heard the two of them talking as they got into the tub. Paige asked Michelle what scent she preferred and Michelle told her the freesia. By that time, Brennan had finished his second drink and his imagination had had more than ample time to wander - he was ready to see what they were doing.

I turned around and lowered my face to his . I was lost in a strange feeling of loving. He took my head gently in his hands and pressed his lips onto mine. It didn't feel any different from the girls I had kissed. His tongue worked his way between my lips until it found mine and he started to play a game which I eagerly took up. Our tongues danced a gentle dance together. I moved my head away and looked into his eyes. "What you did was nice but why didn't you come inside me?

Melinda gave us each a quick kiss, then pushed Leah down on the bed. She was lying on her stomach with her feet on the floor and her ass sticking out. Melinda lifted Leah's skirt and pulled her panties down.

"Oh God, I can't take much more of this," Justine screams to no one in particular, she just has to scream!

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